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Project Description
ObjectReflector.Net is a tool to browse any object at runtime.
ObjectReflector.Net offers same features as Visual Studio debugger but at runtime. So watching properties and fields values can be easy and sometimes useful to find what’s going wrong with your objects especially when you don’t have the development environment.
Here a screen shot of what ObjectReflector.Net can display at runtime :


The first production release can found here. This version is fully operational.

No documentation is available yet but it's coming soon.
However, Using ObjectReflector.Net is very simple and require a single line of code.
To use ObjectReflector.Net in your projects :
1- Add a reference to ObjectReflector.Dll
2- Add the control ucBrowser from your toolbox to a form
3- Set the DataSource Property of the ucBrowser to any object.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Hayder Marzouk

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